Wednesday, January 2, 2008


The Rider-Waite version - A Star-crowned Charioteer, tousled locks, and fair of face. He stands beneath the Sky - Canopy, a mundane king drawn by Sphinx who sport black and white. In the background a wealthy city stretches along the horizon.
Within a winged shield a red 0 & 1 , the great cosmic fuck-fest, binary and binary systems. This transforms into a spinning, active representation in the Book of Thoth version below. The Age of Reason and Static Sciences bleeds into the New Quantum Aeon. The Red+Blue provide another checkerboard motif, though far less usual than the B+W version. The Checkerboard motif = any on/off, 0/1 pattern, not necessarily just the Chess-Board. The Yi-Jing with its DNA resonance, its On/Off nature resonates strongly .

In the Book of Thoth version the Charioteer, vizored, puts forward a far different charioteer. Anonymous, it represents the human that is borne upon the Chariot of Life. Before it the criss-cross animalia = the DNA heritage we receive from all life on this planet, perhaps solar-system. As humans = Universe, we = all animals and beings upon this green-blue orb as well as our mind, invisible, faceless, unknowable MIND - The ADM if u will - human pattern integrity.
DNA has 4 'famous' nucleic acids - Adenine-Thyamine, Guanine-Cytosine. Their initials = ATGC which by syncromodius recirculation flings forth Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer -the 1st four Zodiacal elements, influenced by the initial characters of their respective elements - Fire,Earth,Air,Water. With the checkerboard motifs played out by these intermingling beasties I get the idea of the interlocking DNA matrix.
Thus Man as integrity projects into DNA to 'appear' as a human being, enclosed within the watery shell as described by CANCER, the sign influencing this card, shaped by that persons 'checkerboard' DNA pattern configuration -
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Not a Blogger said...


Bad news, one of the only Hermetic libraries in the world, Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, in Amsterdam is being closed, I thought you guy(s) would be a great source to spread the word and get this petition signed.

Rate of Dissent said...
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Rate of Dissent said...

Cool blog. Tarot cards are very mysterious.

The Whistler said...

Maybe the crab on his head stands for Cancer/July, the 7th month. The Roman numerals above are also 7(VII), the month of the death of the sacred king.