Wednesday, January 2, 2008

8 carry 1

SynchroMystic Chariot

I felt like collating the Chariot related imagery and thoughts and thus born from depths of the electronic maelstrom - this.
The Chariot - a tarot card , given to , or corresponding with the Hebrew letter Ch - 8. Perhaps showing my lack of mystic acumen, I don't see how it can be the 7th card. Why the Tarot cards should fiddle around with 0=1, 1=2, 3=4, criss-crossing the Hebrew and Latin numerals, I have no idea. Personally I think AC was taking the Mick-Key.
Hebrew 'letters' have to be spelt in full, and the full form of Ch = ChYTh , which sounds somewhat like hHAyt, a hardish H, slightly gutteral, but not Kh, even though the English transliteration seems to indicate that.
ChYTh = 418 = ABRAHADABRA - the word of the AEON, accorded to us by the eminent mountaineer , spiritual and mundane, Aleister Crowley. The word translates from the Hebrew as 'fence, enclosure' which seems to go well with its corresponding astrological symbol - CANCER - The Crab. With different diacritic marks and grammar the word seems to mean ' BEAST' or 'LIVING THING' as in Genesis Chapter 1, verses 24&25.

Above a young and necessarily innocent Charioteer proffers a Cosmic Cube. Her face expressionless like the vizored chap in the BOOK of THOTH

What of the Chariot - a vessel, a carrier, from the Latin CARRUS. The word weedled its way in or out of Breton , and the Chariot-maker became known as the CARPENTER thus alluding to the Charioteer as some kinda Jeesus.
I include many forms of transport within the Chariot motif - A Ferry , Taxi, Airship, anything that carries. Latin 'ferre' means to carry, bear and this includes the Light-Bringer -LUCIFER, The Christ-bearer -CHRISTOPHER, Water-bearer - AQUIFER, Cone -bearer - CONIFER as well a s the family of words like INFER, REFER, CONFER etc. rounding with FERTILITY carried by our imaginations.


Anonymous said...

That's interesting about the origin of the word carpenter. Wasn't Jesus' 'father' said to be a carpenter? So that would make him a metal worker instead? Or maybe an overseer of a mining project?

aferrismoon said...

if Jesus = myth then his father as carpenter is always unseen [ jesus is the story] and I wondered if he weren't like a chariot or better still a boat [ carpentier = breton for boat-builder or something like that]
mary could then be the sea

And jesus as navigator